43 out of 50 large companies in the UK will continue to operate from home offices

Effy.- 43 of the UK's 50 largest companies are not planning to ask their employees to return to their offices full-time, instead encouraging them to continue working from home “two or three times a week”.

The majority of these companies admitted that they support combining home and office work, although the British government, for now, continues to recommend that those who can fulfill their work commitments from home continue to do so, according to a study conducted by the BBC. .

The head of advertising company WPP, Mark Read, told the BBC: “We will never go back to business the way we used to.”

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Other reasons some of these companies justified “hybrid” working were “smart working” and “flexibility,” while others felt that workers should be able to choose how often they want to go into the office.

Among the testimonies collected, Danny Harmer, of insurance company Aviva – which employs 16,000 workers in the UK – said: 95% of its workers prefer to work flexibly And at a distance in different locations.

At the same time, Harmer believes that it should be taken into account that many employees value working in the office, as do people who live alone or those who do not have a suitable place at home.

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the signature AdeccoThe company, which has 34,000 employees in this country, notes that four-fifths of its UK workforce still works from their home office now.

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The companies revealed to the BBC that they will open offices “following government guidelines” and some have already reopened to a limited number of workers. In many cases, many companies are allowing employees to return “if they wish,” at 25% capacity.

Other companies such as investment bank goldman sachs, It has already asked its employees to return in June, while another financial institution, Nationwide, is allowing its 13,000 workers to “work from anywhere.”

The BBC – covering more than 1.1 million workers among the companies surveyed – revealed that many companies allow their employees to choose what they prefer to do.

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