35 rural medicine students will start studying at UES: Rector

Sonora Education News

Written by Mary Montejo
Armando Moreno Soto reports that 35 students will start next Monday, January 22, their classes in the Medical Degree, which the State University of Sonora (UES) opened this year.

The head of the institution specified that the students would focus on studying rural medicine instead of specializations.

“The lessons start on the 22nd, and 35 students have already been selected. We have a wonderful director, and he is very young, 30 years old, but he caught our attention, not only because of his CV but because he went to work,” Moreno Soto explained. “Medicine in Pesqueira and the Tronconal “It's what we need, because our medical school is different from Unison's, which is more specialization-focused.”

Armando Moreno Soto noted that in August 2024, 35 additional places for the medical degree will be opened.

The Rector of the State University of Sonora (UES) added that for now, the 35 students selected to start their classes in January will be located in the institution's building where the specializations of nutrition, nursing and physical therapy are located.

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