31,000 from the government of Mexico

a group of Hackers He published a free database containing an astonishing number of 3280 million passwords, Depending Hacker News. The leak includes login credentials for various services and social networks. Among the data, in addition, there is Government messages from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico.

The package has been baptized COMB21, Abbreviations for “Collecting many leaks” in English. Some information has been traded by hackers over the years on forums. Although much of the data has already been published in the past, what matters to the current discovery is its sheer size.

The published data contains a massive amount of emails and passwords related to government domains. Among those 625,505 US government password205,099 from the UK, 136,025 from Australia, 68,535 from Brazil, 50,726 from Canada and 31,995 from Mexico.

Country Leaked passwords
United States (.gov) 625.505
United Kingdom (.gov.uk) 205.099
Australia (.gov.au) 136.025
Brazil (.gov.br) 68,535
Canada (.gc.ca) 50.726
Mexico (.gob.mx) 31.995
France (.gouv.fr) 18.282

In the case of the United States government, the data leaked by the hackers corresponded to various departments. For example Ministry of State (state.gov), Department of Veterans Affairs (va.gov), Department of Homeland Security (dhs.gov), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa.gov), Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov), Among other things.

Data for public services and government agencies will be obtained through Password decryption After theft or through phishing attacks and secret spying on insecure connections.

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