300 celebrities against Britain's exit from the European Union

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 9:17 pm

If the outcome of tomorrow's referendum depends on popular support on both sides, support for the UK remaining in Europe will win by an overwhelming majority. The list of figures who have spoken out against Brexit is much longer than the list of their rivals. In the face of the detailed and data-laden arguments offered by those who support remaining in the EU, those who advocate “Brexit” limit themselves to offering general dismissals, where emotions prevail over reason and money.

When an issue divides a community, it usually doesn't take long for statements and letters of support to come to light with consequent support from some notables who decide to “get involved” and put their signature at the bottom of the page. This tradition was fulfilled in the case of the Brexit referendum, despite its specificity: the collective statements were made by one side, that of those in favor of things remaining as they are. Those who wanted to point the finger at their brothers from the Old Continent were unable to formulate a speech capable of bringing together figures of some importance around a common argument. Celebrities who advocate for “Brexit” do so individually and with a very personal logic that is more of the heart than the head.

Science has been one of the most active worlds in mobilization against Brexit. Physicist Stephen Hawking opened fire, predicting in a letter to The Times that leaving the EU would be a “disaster” for British research. “The UK currently attracts the best researchers from continental Europe, including those who obtain grants through the EU and choose to study here. “If the UK leaves the EU, and scientists lose freedom of movement between our country and Europe, it will be a disaster for science and universities.” In addition to Hawking, the text was supported by 150 other Royal Society scientists, including astronomer Martin Rees, chemist Alan Fersht, and physicist Athena Donald.

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Another step taken by the scientific community that generated the most talk was an open letter signed by 13 Nobel laureates, including physicist Peter Higgs, famous for his research on the boson that bears his name. In the letter published in the Daily Telegraph, the scientists warn that “the potential loss of European funding for research represents a major risk to UK science.” Claims that the British government would offset the loss of community investment with new money were, in the view of the signatories, “naive and self-satisfied”. “We may be an island, but we cannot be an island in science,” summed up the 13 Nobel laureates, including Maren Evans, who received the Nobel Prize for his research in stem cells, and Andre Geim, who distinguished himself for his work in the field of graphene.

Passport cravings

If the scientific community has been particularly active in its refusal to leave the European Union, the world of culture is not far behind. Nearly three hundred actors, writers, musicians, and artists signed a statement unequivocally supporting “Inside.” The text, signed among others by well-known film faces such as Jude Law, Helena Bonham Carter, Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbach, reminds us that the UK “is not only stronger in Europe, it is also more innovative and creative.” If we leave, our global success will be lost. “It's hurting badly.” The ad, which appeared in the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, is supported by writers such as John le Carré, Ian McEwan and Hilary Mantel, architects such as Richard Rogers, designers such as Vivienne Westwood, and visual artists such as Anish Kapoor. Amen..

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Curiously, it was also behind the scenes where the voices with the most influence in the pro-Brexit camp emerged. The well-known and highly respected actor Michael Caine is the most charismatic figure to speak in favor of leaving. The two-time Oscar-winning actor asserts in his personal capacity that “Britain cannot do what the anonymous bureaucrats who dictate the EU rules tell it to do.” Joan Collins, best known for the series “Dynasty”, also put herself on this side, but without announcing her reasons. Roger Daltrey, the Who's soloist, is one of those in favor of secession: “If it smells like a rat and sounds like a rat, it's probably a rat; Let's face it, it smells like Europe.

“God of truth”

Joining the list of celebrities who support “Brexit” are John Cleese, “Monty Python”, actress Liz Hurley, or producer Julian Fellowes, although none of them took a clear position on the matter and their arguments smell weak. From provocation. Take, for example, the argument put forward by Liz Hurley: “I miss the days when my passport was stamped everywhere in Europe, and I loved those handfuls of exotic Italian liras and French francs and German marks. “They were glamorous and exciting.”

The arguments of the other actress on the other side, also Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, who did not sign any statement but made her position clear, seem less bizarre: “I feel more European than British, and moreover, if and when If the United Kingdom remains outside the European Union, it will once again turn into a gray island of sadness. JK Rowling, another iconic creator of the Harry Potter saga, was also firm: “I don’t want to give up a union that has brought peace and stability like never before.” “I knew him before.”

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The Premier League leaders cooperate with them, as do most businessmen. As Richard Branson, Virgin's boss, says: “Leaving the EU would be devastating to the UK's prosperity.” As well as the leaders of the main British religious communities. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the main authority of the Anglican Church with 25 million believers, admitted in an interview that he would vote for continuity to avoid possible social cuts, like his colleagues in the Catholic and Jewish Churches. Or Islam. “By God, the Truth, give us the grace to discuss the issues of this referendum, with all honesty and frankness. / Be generous to those who try to form an opinion / And give discernment to those who vote, / So that our nation may flourish / And so that we, with all the peoples of Europe, may work for peace and the common good / For the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. /Amen,” reads the Church of England website, which hits home a bit.

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