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president of colombia, Evan Duke announced on Friday that 30% of the national territory His country will be declared a protected area before his mandate expires in August.

We have set our target: 30% of Colombia’s marine and surface land will be a protected area before the end of my government’s term of office on August 7 this year.He said while participating in a ceremony in which Ecuador, on January 14, inaugurated a new marine reserve around the Galapagos Islands.

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With this announcement, the Colombian president expressed that his country will move towards one of the goals set in sustainable development goals.

We will anticipate the 8-year goal of 2030, and we will do so in 2022, the year of conservation‘ erected.

The new reserve made official on Friday with the signing of an executive agreement by Ecuadorean President Guillermo Laso creates a sea corridor between Galapagos The island of Costa Rica Coco It is known as “migravía” for being a place of passage for dozens of protected species.

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At the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow (United Kingdom), held in November 2021, the heads Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica Signed an agreement to protect the pass and push the construction of an area of ​​tens of thousands of square kilometers to Preserve the unique species of the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

For us, making this statement is a message to the world: the largest marine protected area on the entire planet‘,” the Duke emphasized at the ceremony.

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He also praised Lasso’s decision, which, according to him, clarifies, “While we are still trying to reach agreements, we have already reached an unprecedented agreement with four countries in this region“.

The Colombian leader insisted Protecting marine areas It includes not only ensuring that they are not exploited, but “Ensuring the survival of more than 40% of marine species worldwide“.


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