23-J results not final l PP, PSOE, Vox, Sumar, Junts, pending CERA vote: What could change and when we’ll know

Pedro Sanchez and Alberto Núñez Figo, in meetings with their CEOs on Monday.

It only started 23-J and not only because a result does not decide the color of the next government, but even the distribution of seats itself has not been closed. Many MPs today worry that they could lose their seats in the next few hours once the call counts WAX vote (Count of Absentee Residents Abroad) which is the number of Spaniards residing abroad – they are: 2.3 million total, up 196,751 from 2019– He asked to participate in the general elections.

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The regional electoral councils are working to determine the final results, which will indeed include CERA voting, which Start counting on Friday. The 23-J election was the first general election in which required voting was not implemented, a method of balloting that prevailed between 2011 and 2022 for citizens beyond our borders and that means a drop in turnout. In November 2019, the date of the last generals, only 226,050 applications were accepted. With this, an increase is expected, which has already been seen in record numbers in mail-in voting.

Party amounts at this time are still incorrect. Yes, there is a certainty, such as that PP and Vox will not reach an absolute majority in either scenario, and possibilities, far from this, such that PSOE cannot rely on Junts to get its installation Pedro Sanchez. The Community of Madrid, Asturias, Cantabria, Girona, Salamanca and Malaga are the main constituencies that remain in dispute due to the narrow margin by which at least one seat was achieved.

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Asturias and Malaga have a large concentration of foreign votes, so they are territories that will likely not say the last word on 23-J. In Asturias, the People’s Party won three seats, two for PSOE, one for Soumar and one for Vox. PSOE can snatch this third PP seat, as there is only a difference of 7,000 votes. In Malaga, the People’s Party won five seats, PSOE three, Vox two and Somar one. 3000 votes can give him An additional seat from the Socialist Workers’ Party, which will be taken from the People’s Party.

In Salamanca, where the PP and PSOE split the four contesting seats – three for the popular and one for the socialists – the PSOE is aiming for one from the PP, which has 938 votes. Madrid will have 15 deputies from the People’s Party, 11 from the Socialist Workers’ Party, six from Somar and five from Vox in Congress, at least in principle: CERA votes as 1,749 votes can give it. Another one to PP, which the SWP will lose.

It gave Cantabria two seats each to PP and PSOE and one seat to Vox. In this case, Vox can win one and take it away from PP. The far-right party received 428 votes. Finally, Girona, with two seats for PSOE and Junts and one for ERC and Sumar. In this constituency, 363 votes can be given Another MP for Juntsthat the people’s party will lose.

Once voting was over, the CERA envelopes and cards were transported by electoral shipping, via a diplomatic pouch, to an office in the State Department set up for this procedure and responsible for handing them over to the corresponding electoral boards, which are responsible for counting.

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Spaniards registered abroad received the documents from provincial delegates to the Electoral Statistics Office without having to request them in advance and deposited their ballots at embassies and consulates until July 20, although they could also cast their ballots by mail until the 18th.

Another novelty of electoral law reform is that CERA voters They’ve had more time to cast their votes At the ballot box in connection with previous elections, count over more days and in both the morning and afternoon hours.

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