15 movies about the British monarchy you should watch during the coronation of Charles III

Rafael is an expert in films, series and video games. His passion is classic and auteur cinema, although he never misses a Marvel movie or a blockbuster on Netflix due to professional distortion. He also has his geeky side, as evidenced by his specialization in anime, K-pop, and all things related to Asian culture.

Depending on his generation, he sometimes had to write about current music hits, from Bizarrap to Blackpink. It even has its exciting side, but unfortunately it is limited to selecting the best exciting series and movies. But he is not limited to this, as he also loves to write about gastronomy, travel, humor and memes.

After 5 years of writing for Fotogramas and Esquire magazine, the truth is that he has already done a little bit of everything, from interviews with international stars to presentations via mobile phone or tasting of oil, insects and, yes, if he is lucky, wine.

He trained in audiovisual communication at the University of Murcia. He then continued his studies at the Carlos III University of Madrid and obtained a master's degree in research in media. In addition to earning a PhD in Sexual Representation in Author's Films (which he never finished), he also studied for a Master's in Film Criticism, both at ECAM and at the Writers' School. Before that, he started writing for the Cinealacarbonara blog, continued in media such as Amanecemetropolis, Culturamas or Magnolia Magazine, and devoted all his efforts to Mutaciones Magazine since its foundation.

He arrived at Hearst in 2018 and has managed to carve out a niche for himself in the editorial offices of Fotogramas and Esquire, where he continues to write about everything he loves and what they send him (often simultaneously). His good or bad taste (depending on how you look at it) also led him into the world of gastronomy and video games. Come on, he likes to entertain himself.

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