$1,300 stimulus check for these US workers

The financial support aims to stimulate the cash capacity of the population to confront today’s high prices, according to local authorities. Authorities have informed that adults who support dependent people will receive an additional amount of money. For several weeks, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has commented that the contribution is responsive to the tax refund plan.

Mr. Walz expressed parents’ concern about the expenses of the beginning of the school year, due to purchasing materials, accessories, and clothing. In addition to the dollars, families will receive free breakfast and lunch.

The governor thanked the Revenue Department for its work in quickly distributing the financial contribution. State residents had the option of choosing two payment methods. One alternative is through bank deposit and the other consists of checks via traditional mail.

Additional money for dependent people

Each dependent citizen selected for the program is entitled to deposit a maximum of US$260.00 above the specified amount. However, families can provide up to three dependents to receive the additional funds.

Lieutenant Governor Flanagan also added that the resumption of educational activities in the fall represents an important moment for families. Married couples who file their taxes jointly have the potential to collect $520.00. But the adjusted gross income (AGI) of these couples cannot exceed $150,000.00.

Individuals responsible for housing have the opportunity to receive a check for $260.00. The AGI for these taxpayers must not exceed $75,000.00.

The state tax office plans to issue more than 2 million tax refund payments. Those interested in more details can call 651-565-6595 or write to [email protected].

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