13 filming locations in Britain

In fact, film tourism is more fashionable than ever It's a growing global trend: More than half of travelers say TV shows and movies inspire their travel plans, according to Expedia Group. And for all you restless movie buffs out there, we've created this list that includes some of the The most notable places in Great Britain where all kinds of fantasy productions were filmed, From now legendary series to films that have left an indelible mark on the global collective imagination. Not in vain, as the 2022 Anholt-Ipsos National Brand Index data shows, 49% of Spaniards associate the United Kingdom with cinema as a cultural product, He closely follows museums (53%) and music (51%).

“Put in front Film and TV inspired experiences that can only be had in Great Britain It encourages more visitors to come and explore our amazing destinations for themselves, increasing the speed of visitation and Tourism in countries and regions, says Patricia Yates, CEO visit britain, An entity that has just partnered with the British Film Commission to promote screen tourism in the UK.

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