100 units of the Multitel Pagliero MZ 250 articulated crane have been sold in the UK

“The MZ 250 is an articulated platform truck that invites tradition. And for good reason, given its success: 700 units have been sold in Europe since launch, 100 of them in the UK, where it is the most popular model with end users: cleaning and maintenance companies, home builders and renters confirmed by Multitail Pagliero.

Articulated platform Multitel Pagliero MZ 250.

Reasons for this success include the compact body, 3m wheelbase, and excellent turning radius, which allows access to work areas that many other machines cannot.

It is mounted on an Iveco truck weighing 3.5 tons and has a maximum operating height of 25.1 metres, while at a maximum horizontal reach of 14.35 metres, the capacity is 80kg, rising to 250kg with a reach of 10.35 metres. The articulated boom and the ability to work below ground level up to -2.5m make it a versatile, high-performance machine.


Articulated platform Multitel Pagliero MZ 250.

Features enhanced and expanded by EVE, Multitel Pagliero’s cutting-edge electronics. If the stabilization function and the “main” function simplify the use of the platform and allow it to be placed even in confined spaces, when climbing, the system allows simultaneous proportional movements and smooth leveling. Whether from the control panel at ground level or in the basket, EVE ensures the speed, linearity and smoothness of vertical and horizontal movements. The arms are always extended and raised in perfect balance and instant corrections.

The operator has full control of the basket’s height and movement, its position in space being “read” by various sensors that measure angles, positions, and pressures. In addition, the MZ 250 is equipped with two other EVE technologies: the MUSA system, which optimizes motion and performance based on load, boom rotation and strut position, telemetry using GPS tracking, and visualizing machine status, remote parameters, remote diagnostics.

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