10 new and free applications for Android that you should not ignore

Are you tired of the same old Android apps? Check out these 10 free apps that just arrived in the Play Store and are worth it

Applications on an Android smartphone

If you usually browse the Google Play Store by searching New free Android applications of all kindsYou've just come to the right place, as we've selected another week for you The best free apps that have arrived in the Google Store in recent weeks.

Without further ado, we'll break down the details 10 new, free Android apps we think are worth a chance.

AI background for Whatsapp chat

If you want to customize the look of your Android smartphone to the maximum, you should try AI Wallpaper for Whatsapp Chat, a free app that puts at your disposal a wide range of images in HD quality that you can use for both. Decorate your WhatsApp wallpaper to make your device's home screen wallpaper.

Google Play Store | AI background for Whatsapp chat

InstaGet: Instagram Downloader

If you also spend a lot of time on Instagram, you should try InstaGet, a free and easy-to-use app with which you can You can easily download all your videos, reels, stories, photos, posts, highlights and IGTV videos From the Meta social network.

In addition, this application allows you Add Instagram content to your collection to watch laterKeep track of all the content you've downloaded thanks to the easy-to-use history feature Share your favorite content with your friends and family in an easy and quick way.

Google Play Store | InstaGet: Instagram Downloader

Modern RSS feed

In the Play Store you can find a wide range of apps for reading news and the latest app of this type to hit the big G Store is ModernRSS, an RSS feed reader for Android which stands out for its Modern design based on You material And to respect your privacy, because it does not include ads And do not share your reading data with third parties.

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The modern RSS service is Completely free app, without any kind of integrated purchaseswhich you can download through the direct link to Google Play that we leave for you below.

Google Play Store | Modern RSS feed

Tide Tracker: Weather and Wind

If you usually practice water sports or sail, we recommend trying Tides Tracker, a practical tool that shows you this Sea state forecast for the next five days It provides you with useful information such as: Tidal movements, wave heights, wind direction and speed, and water and air temperatures.

Google Play Store | Tide Tracker: Weather and Wind

Chat AI: Chatbot AI assistant

10 new and free applications for Android that you should not ignore

Chat AI: Chatbot AI assistant

Almost every week we bring you a new personal assistant equipped with artificial intelligence, and this time we are coming to talk with you about Chat AI: AI Chatbot Assistant, an integrated AI chatbot capable of answering in an accurate and detailed way questions about everything. Type like Academic advice, cooking tips, programming suggestions and legal requirementsamong other things.

But that's not all, because with this application you will be able to Generate recipes and blogs from photos And use a wide range of specific chatbots for all types of topics such as Physical exercise (“Fitness Guru”), video gaming (“Gaming Xpert”) and nutrition (“Nutritionist”)poetry (“poetry lover”), science (“science geek”), Sports (“Sports Fan”) and Programming (“Coding Expert”).

Google Play Store | Chat AI: Chatbot AI assistant

Mira – copying and shading

If you want to learn a new language in a completely different way, we recommend you try Miraa – Transcribe & Shadowing, a free language learning app that focuses on… Four pillars: “Listen”, “Understand”, “Imitate”, “Compare”.

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Hence, this app helps you learn a language by showing you videos in that language With AI-powered audio and video subtitle transcription and real-time subtitles Thanks to it you will be able to better understand and understand the more difficult parts of a conversation in another language.

Mirror is a free app that does not contain ads, but it does contain a series of in-app purchases ranging from… €1.09 to €64.99.

Google Play Store | Mira – copying and shading


If you like to try different games on your smartphone, you will definitely enjoy PlayQuest, a free app that combines games with… A wide range of Android games of all kinds, from classics to the latest ones.

In addition, this application has a very intuitive interface with which you can Locate the game you are looking for easily This shows you very complete information about each title it contains Detailed description of the game, as well as screenshots and HD videos of the game.

Google Play Store | Playquest

Word Editor – Artificial Intelligence Writer

Word Editor is a complete office suite for Android powered by artificial intelligence thanks to which you will be able to… Optimize your texts and automatically save them as docx, Microsoft Word formatscan images and convert them to this format and to Excel and Create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from scratch quickly and easily.

Word Editor – Artificial Intelligence Writer Completely free app with ads Which you can download using the direct link to the Play Store that we leave for you below these lines.

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Google Play Store | Word Editor – Artificial Intelligence Writer

Portfolio performance

Portfolio Performance is a free and open source application that allows you to do just that Track your investments in real timeView asset declarations, access comprehensive views and charts that show you Your annual and monthly profits And view all your inventory information from the home screen of your smartphone thanks to A total of 29 widgets of all types.

Portfolio Performance is a free app that does not contain ads, but it does have a series of integrated purchases that They range from €3.00 to €30.00 Thanks to him you can unlock additional functions.

Google Play Store | Portfolio performance

Anti-theft alarm: secure phone

We finish this list of new applications for Android with Anti Theft Alarm, A practical anti-theft tool that will notify you when someone wants to steal your cell phonebecause once you configure it, the next time someone tries to take your phone out of your pocket or bag or tries to move it, it will start Sound a loud alarm to deter thieves.

Google Play Store | Anti-theft alarm: secure phone

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