0-4. The United States crushed the Dominican Republic and set foot in the semi-finals

Guadalajara (Mexico), March 21st (EFE). The United States defeated the Dominican Republic 4-0 on Sunday and reached the semi-finals of the CONCACAF pre-Olympic tournament by adding its second win in two games.

For the United States, they switched Jackson Yewell, Hassani Dotson twice, and Djorje Mihajlovic.

The United States dominated the first half, but the Dominican Republic stood up well in defense and held their opponent’s match.

In the second half, the United States found a way to break the Dominican defense barrier and set a win.

In the 60th minute, Sebastian Saucedo received a pass in the area and kicked Yuel in the face in the first goal.

Mihajlovic entered the area from the left flank after 13 minutes and helped newcomer Dotson, who scored the second goal with a low shot on the right post from goalkeeper Johan Guzman.

The score came 3-0 at 78, and Mihajlovic reconnected with Dotson, who switched him over with a shot to Guzmán’s right-hand post.

In the 90th minute, Benjamin Michel entered the baseline from the right and passed the ball that crossed the area, sending Mihajlovic the last fourth goal into the net.

Next Sunday, Mexico will face Costa Rica in a decisive match in the group’s fate.

-data sheet:

0 – Dominican Republic: Johan Guzmán; José de la Cruz, Alejandro Jiménez, Brian López; Josué Báez, José de la Cruz, Gerard Lavergne (Fabián Messina m.84), Edarlyn Reyes (Juan Pineda m.80); Raphael Mata (Dorny Romero m.55), Nowend Lorenzo (Erick Paniagua m.69), and Edison Azcona.

Coach: Jonathan Heimlfarb.

4. United States: James Marcinkowski; Julian Araujo, Henry Kessler, Justin Glad, Samuel Vines; Johnny Cardoso (Hassani Dotson 62), Andres Beria, Jackson Yoel (Francis Tanner AD 80); Sebastian Saucedo (Djordji Mihailovi AD 62), Jonathan Lewis (Benjamin Michel AD 69) and Jesus Ferreira (Sebastian Soto M45).

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Coach: Jason Chris.

Jules: 0-1, minute 60: Jackson Yoel. 0-2, AD 73: Hassani Dotson. 0-3, AD 78: Hassani Dotson. 0-4, AD 90: Djorje Mihajlovic.

Verdict: Jamaican Danone Rig, blamed Jesus Ferreira and Jose Baez.

Accidents: The second day match of Group A of the CONCACAF Pre-Olympic Championship at Akron Stadium in Guadalajara, western Mexico.

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