What will happen to the agreement with the United Kingdom signed by Foradore?

Guillermo Carmona, Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, last Monday explained the diplomatic fallout from what got away by former British Foreign Secretary Alan Duncan after describing that Carlos Foradori, deputy foreign minister during the Campimos government, was in a state of intoxication at the time of the Foradori-Duncan settlement. .

“The problem here was not only in the performance of Foradori, who also had to resign because he was unpresentable; what must be taken into account is that what Foradori did was upheld by then-Chancellor Malcorra, and the next chancellor approved Fauri and revised the principles of implementation.

In addition, the official clarified that an internal summary from the State Department was initiated based on events related to Foradori, in order to clarify what happened, which was revealed based on what Duncan wrote in his autobiography.

Regarding the current status of the Foradori-Duncan Agreement, Carmona was definitive: “As for what was agreed, quite contrary to the national interest and positions that Argentina has traditionally held, it has been rendered ineffective based on the decisions made by the new government.”

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