What are the most important social media campaigns in 2021? – Sun Toluca

During 2021, 57% of the world’s population used the applications and websites of major social networks, while 47% of Mexicans were interested in advertising when looking at content on the Internet.

The above According to global consulting firm Talkwalker and Mexico’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), social media campaigns are key to uniting people and creating innovative marketing strategies.

Among the campaign highlights for 2021 are messages of encouragement to travel and get to know loved ones from Emirates Airlines. Qantas has launched a campaign to communicate the importance of vaccinations for air travel, entitled Fly Away.

Previously known as Facebook, Meta was part of a series of online trends, the social network Tik Tok increasing its presence in campaigns through 2021. This short video platform has experienced significant growth since 2016, and five years after its launch it has crossed the thousand million mark user every month.

The UK consulting company Talkwalker topped the list of new users interested in learning languages, and this number arose in response to Britain’s exit from the European Union, which is why the people of the country began to strive to learn the languages ​​of countries belonging to Europe. union.

Campaigns to improve diet and generate healthy habits have also shown a good response. In the second half of 2021, the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food launched a food campaign that received 38.2%.

Although this happened in the European Union, a study by Gastronomia & Cía reports that messages of good eating habits have repercussions for social network users around the world.

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