The University of Cantabria stands out in seven subjects of the Shanghai Ranking

In this ranking, which has just been published, the University of California places its fields of physics and atmospheric sciences among the world’s 151-200 universities, both of which are among the top 7 in Spain, according to the Cantabria Academic Foundation. In addition, it ranges from 201-300 in Machine Science and Technology, and in which category it appears for the first time; and in civil engineering, placing it between third and fifth nationwide, and ranking 401-500 best in chemical engineering, economics, and human biological sciences.

After learning of the ranking, the President of the University of Cantabria, Angel Pazos, emphasized that these data “once again confirm the competitiveness, quality and high level of universality that the University of Cantabria enjoys in all its activities”. In addition, he noted the particular importance of the rankings due to the size of the university and because there are a series of subjects that UCLA does not teach, thus, “the Shanghai rankings do not usually give a picture-modified mark of our value”. “In the other half, we fall into the international elite in the other half, that’s great news,” concluded the university president.

The ranking of academic subjects has been published by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy since 2009, and in 2022, the university ranking contains 54 subjects from the natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences. In total, more than 1,800 universities out of 5,000 universities from 96 countries and regions appear in the ranking.

The Vice-Chancellor of Cantabria, Pablo Zuluaga, congratulated the University of Cantabria in a statement on the “fantastic” results obtained in this arrangement. Zuloaga stresses the University of California’s research’s “premium” position and “competitiveness, quality and high level of internationality”, and is confident that the future Cantabrian Science Act, which has just been sent to Parliament for processing, will contribute to furthering this “high scientific quality” of the university. government and the entire search system in the region.

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