The UK has sent £86m in green aid to China and India, COP26 spoilers, in the past five years


Great Britain has provided £86 million in green aid to China and India in the past five years.

It was sent despite the fact that they are two wealthy nations that relaxed crucial green policies at last year’s COP26 summit.


An analysis of UK aid spending shows that the government has given countries money for 25 green projects, such as solar and wind power.

Millions have also been poured into both countries to fund studies on energy efficiency, pollution control, and green transportation.

The largest project saw the spending of £71 million of British cash in India to create a fund to drive low-carbon developments to reduce greenhouse gases.

Its goal is to fund renewable energy, green transportation and water treatment for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

China under President Xi Jinping, the world’s second largest economy, received £80,000 to find sites for “low-carbon and renewable energy purposes” and £79,630 to launch a carbon trading platform in the south. from China.

But China and India have been accused of limiting key commitments at COP26 on the use of coal in power plants.

“Family finances are already strained and cannot afford the green grants of rich countries,” said John O’Connell of the Taxpayers Alliance.

The Foreign Office said: “The UK will continue to work with all countries to press for action to tackle climate change.”

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