The start of the 2022 Population and Housing Census in Costa Rica

The coordinator of the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC), Edgar Diaz, told that officials his entity has hired will work eight hours a day from Monday to Saturday, at different times of the day, being able to meet people who arrive late from work or school .

Diaz noted that the eleventh national census of population and the seventh census of housing hope to collect data from one million and 800 thousand homes and nearly five million and 200 thousand people in the country.

Among the questions to be answered by the interviewees are access to basic services, socio-economic status (income is not directly consulted, but depends on other types of characteristics) and family composition; In addition to various characteristics related to ethnic groups, education, employment, and others.

The 2022 census was scheduled to take place last year, to meet the requirement to do so every 10 years, but was prevented by the Covid-19 pandemic, a fact that will motivate the application of health protocols to avoid contagion of the disease.

Diaz told news outlets that this will be the most technological census that has been developed in Costa Rica because, unlike previous years, information will be collected for the first time through mobile data capture devices, which will allow the information to be provided. And with higher quality.

Similarly, continue, the interviewee will have the possibility to do a self-enumeration, by filling out the form themselves, an option that will be used when the interviewer is not able to meet him when visiting the home in the first place.

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He explained that in this case, the interviewer will leave a password ballot necessary to enter the self-enumeration website, as well as include a phone number in case you want to coordinate an appointment with the interviewer.

Last week, the Costa Rica Post Office’s commercial director, Catherine Pacheco, announced the completion of the distribution of national census materials to 231 operational centers across the country, which are scheduled for this month.

He noted that Correos de Costa Rica is the company that has been contracted to store, package and distribute packages required for data collection. +

He explained that they made about 15,100 with basic tools, such as health protective equipment, an ID card and a vest, as well as other supplies to record information.

As part of the contract with Correos de Costa Rica, it is expected that once the census is complete, this entity will collect packages at each operational center and deliver them to INEC.

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