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Serbs’ rejection of the COVID-19 vaccine and irregularities in documentation forced the Oceania state to take drastic measures.

Novak Djokovic He left Australia on Sunday after the judiciary rejected his appeal against his deportation ordered by the government, which considered the world number one tennis player a “health risk” for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.

The decision, made unanimously by all three judges on the court, definitively dashed the 34-year-old’s hopes of winning his 21st Grand Slam title. Australian Openwhich starts on Monday. The 34-year-old professional is the oldest champion in this competition Nine titles.

Djokovic was arrested upon arrival in Australia on January 5 and initially placed under administrative detention. The player, who contracted COVID-19 in December, expected an exemption to enter the country without a vaccination, but the authorities did not accept that explanation.

To what extent can this scenario affect the Serbian professional? According to the magazine Forbes Djokovic was the 4th highest paid tennis player in 2021. The athlete made $38 million, 30 of which were for efforts outside the playing field, with Japanese sports brand Asics, French automaker Peugeot and apparel company Lacoste as its main sponsors; The remaining eight million are inside the rectangle.

Patrick RichieDjokovic, a professor of mathematical economics at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri), argues that Djokovic is “not as nice as Roger (Federer) or Rafa (Nadal)” and that the situation that has emerged during this time “feeds that reputation”.

“This incident may prompt a brand that may have been planning to collaborate with him not to do so,” he added in comments collected by Al Bawaba. Infobae.

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For his part, he said, “His image will be affected by this situation because most of the tennis players who play this tournament have been vaccinated and respect the rules.” Josh Schwartz, responsible of marketing Athletes at USAID the hub. “It’s a shame because he came close to setting the record for winning a Grand Slam. And normally, when someone gets to that state, you can think that it will lead to more chances of getting sponsors. But I don’t imagine it will be in the short term. However, the analyst is of the opinion that his current sponsors will not abandon their support for Djokovic.

The watch brand Hublot, one of the tennis player’s sponsors, told the international France Press agency He is an “independent” man and he will “continue to take care of him with number one tennis”.

At the moment, Djokovic has missed the opportunity to strive to break the record for the Grand Slam in his favorite tournament. It also jeopardizes its position in classification From the ATP, which he currently leads, because if the Russian Daniil Medvedev (second) or German Alexander Zverev (third) wins the Australian Open, he will topple the Serbian from first place. Deportation from Australia and a ban on participation in a Grand Slam appears to be just the beginning of Djokovic, who, if he is not vaccinated against COVID-19, will also be banned from participating in the US (US Open) and in the UK (Wimbledon). (Dr)

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