Tamara Ecclestone Offers Millionaire Reward To Recover Her Stolen Jewelery

What happened to steal Tamara Ecclestone and other British celebrities?

Nearly three years after the robbery, police, victims, and even suspects first spoke of a multi-million dollar series of robberies that took place in the homes of celebrities, during the first 13 days of December 2019. In fact, it is estimated that items were stolen from Ecclestone’s homes, Football player and former coach Frank Lampard and the late businessman of Thai descent, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

Italians Yugoslav Jovanovic, Alessandro Maltes and Alessandro Donati were only sentenced in November 2021 to 28 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to rob. investigation BBC It was discovered that the fourth suspect – known to the Metropolitan Police as Daniel Vukovic – had fled to Serbia and had at least 19 different identities.

Tamara Ecclestone offers a millionaire reward for her stolen jewelry

Police confirmed that he was the target of an international manhunt BBC He revealed that the Serbian authorities had rejected two attempts to extradite the criminals to the UK. Information shows that in the past decade, the suspect has used at least 19 pseudonyms, including Daniel Vukovic, Ljubomir Romanov, Alfredo Lindley and Ljubomir Radosavlić and that the identities have connections to many European cities, such as Belgrade, Sarajevo, Milan and Zagreb. ..

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