Serbian Interior Minister reveals that he was pressured to take an anti-Russian stance

Alexander Volin stressed that despite the pressure, he refused to cooperate with foreign spies. Photo: Getty Images.

Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin revealed that “one of the world’s largest intelligence services” was pressuring him to change his stance on Russia and China, and that by refusing it now he hopes that in the next few days you will start a great media. campaign against him to remove him from government, and “if possible, from political life”.

“One of the largest intelligence services in the world has told me that my views are unacceptable and that if I do not change them and if I do not abandon the policy I lead, everything possible will be done to prevent me from being a member of the government and they will try to comply in any way” pink color;

The senior official said he expected a “major attack” against him in the media “most likely at the time of the constitution of Parliament, when the head of the Spanish government arrives, after that or in those days”.

“The campaign of lies and attacks against me will start very quickly and with full force,” he said. “The condition was that I start working with them and abandon my policy and I will not do it at the expense of my head!” “The intelligence services also told me which agencies would carry out the attack, which journalists and how. So I pretty much know what’s going to happen.”

The minister also stressed that despite the pressure, he strongly refused to cooperate with foreign spies. “I do not work with anyone else, except for the Serbian people, for the Serbian state, and I have no loyalty to anyone else, except for the president of all Serbs, Aleksandar Vucic,” he said.

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Volyn urged the country’s leader to maintain Belgrade’s neutrality, as well as continue good relations with Moscow and Beijing, regardless of external pressures.

Senior Serbian officials have repeatedly stated that the country is facing increasing external pressures in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, Belgrade refused to join any anti-Russian sanctions, asserting that Serbia would continue to pursue its own interests, while retaining its old relations with Moscow. Vulin previously stated that “Serbia is not interested in participating in major conflicts, not interested in reducing rapprochement and cooperation with Russia and its leadership.”

(with info from RT Spanish)

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