Salta spoke about masculinity at the 9th Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Social Sciences

Salta’s presentation was at the Ninth Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Social Sciences, through the Secretariat for Women, Gender and Diversity, a meeting in Mexico.

The event aims to provide an environment for debate, balance and reflection that favors building tools to reflect on and act on the realities of Latin America, and to search for viable and creative alternatives to the major social problems plaguing the region.

In this sense, the person in charge of the intervention program for men, Agustin Perez Marketa, depending on the Secretariat for Women, Gender and Diversity, spoke about the masculinity dimension, the difficulties, successes and conclusions of the work done with the men’s socio-educational groups of the district police, airport police and the Argentine army. .

“While working with these groups, it was possible to notice the tensions they go through as memories that were formed in historically patriarchal institutions. For this reason, we proposed an emotional space, nurturing, and listening, where it is possible to start a conversation about aspects ‘that have not been Talking about it “in male social circles and in places with a strong male presence.”

The missions launched from Rap, a HipHop specialty, were also focused on by the Freestyle Underground Lyric Competition, which began in 2020.

“Since the inception of this competition, the problematic of interpretations of patriarchal meaning in the rap world has been addressed; metaphorically rewarding insult, Líricas Subterráneas emerges as a meeting, dialogue, discussion and reflection to question masculine discourses and performance, enabling the vision of other ways of being male outside of dominant ways,” the speaker added.

About the Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Social Sciences

The conference, since its first edition in 2003, is the largest academic and political event in the social sciences and humanities worldwide. In its previous eight editions, various topics were dealt with according to the political and social conditions in the region. In 2022, the conference’s central focus was the inequality plots.

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