Prince William confronts paparazzi for following his family: ‘You despicable’

The said video is said to have been taken last year, and although information about this incident has emerged, the video has only been released now. almost straight, When it had barely had about 20,000 hits, the material was deleted from the YouTube platform.

In this one can see William Totally angry at the photographer who continued Cambridge During a walk in the area of ​​Sandringham, where the family is in their country house, Anmer Hall.

Kate, who was much calmer, responded to the photographer.

William confronted the paparazzi who told him he didn’t realize who they were, to which William replied: “this is not true. You’re looking for us, don’t pretend“. Kate MiddletonThe one who did not appear in the picture told him:I stopped by our house this morning. we saw you“.

How dare you act like this with my children? how dare you! You were looking for us and our children‘, he charged, while the photographer continued trying to defend himself, while still recording the prince.

“I will take a quiet walk with my children on Saturday. And you don’t even give me your name,” continued the heir to the throne.You are outrageous. You are a despicable bitch’, he continued while trying to make a phone call.

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