Paraguay plans to develop nature-focused tourism

On Thursday, Paraguay played a very important role as a speaker at the Tourism Ministers’ Meeting held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, United States. According to the Minister of the National Secretariat for Tourism (Senator), Sophia Montiel, on this occasion, our country was able to announce the actions it is taking in relation to sustainable tourism and to show how it is working for a better habitable planet. For everyone.

Before tourism ministers from all over the world, our country was able to demonstrate the work it is doing to be able to revitalize the tourism sector after the pandemic, confirming through this work the balance between the natural and the historical, with the conviction that sustainable tourism is possible, as long as the premise of concern for nature is taken. And keep the culture in mind.

Montell also confirmed that the Paraguayan delegation had presented the complete plan of action that it had developed in an inter-institutional manner with the aim of revitalizing the tourism sector in Paraguay after the pandemic: “Our country and other countries have shown that they are doing everything to get out of this economic crisis caused by the pandemic, and in this regard they offered measures that is taken.”

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He also clarified that among the proposals and decisions that were taken during the meeting, the commitment undertaken by each of the representatives of the various Member States of the United Nations to formulate and coordinate actions, according to the experiences obtained from countries that have already done so. It has undergone decarbonization and is currently using non-polluting biofuels to protect the environment.

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“Paraguay, for its part, showcased the tourism circuits that are currently promoted by the United Nations program Mads and Senator and implemented by young people and which also seek to commit to the indigenous people so that they can show everything related to their culture.”

He also noted that “sustainable tourism is possible, with a holistic vision that offers a destination with a well-cared for nature and preserved culture. This will give exclusivity to the tourism proposal presented to the traveler.” The minister’s comments came today in an interview with Radio Nacional del Paraguay.

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