Nike won’t give up on Chelsea

Chelsea, led by Abramovich, received another setback yesterday. The Executive Committee in London published a list of seven other members of the oligarch who had been sanctioned for their ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in response to the invasion of Ukraine. “This relationship involved obtaining a financial or other material benefit through Putin or the Russian government,” London indicated in a statement that Abramovich, who also imposed a travel ban on the United Kingdom. The sanction imposed by the British government does not allow Chelsea to fill their stadium, nor sell or buy players, nor renew players like Antonio Rudiger, nor complete the sale of the club to one of the 10 magnates who were chasing him. after the punishment, threeThe team’s main sponsor has suspended his contract worth 47 million euros annually. As reported from the UK, there is fear of leakage from the club’s main sponsors. but according to later athlete, Nike has made the decision not to withdraw financial support from the London Club.

There was great fear at Stamford Bridge about the financial loophole that Nike’s exit might cause, which It has a trade agreement of about €1,075 million for 15 years since it was signed in 2016. In this climate of economic turmoil and uncertainty for Chelsea at the moment It has been granted a “Special License” so you can continue to operate on a daily basis. This way you can pay the salaries of all your employees, including players and coaches. They will also be able to set aside £20,000 (€23,800) for each match they play abroad, for travel and accommodation. In matches at home, the spending limit has been raised to 500,000 pounds (595,000 euros) and fans will be able to buy food and drink in the stadium facilities. Another blow to Chelsea’s finances is coming on the field: they won’t be able to sell tickets for matches starting on March 10th.

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British government remains ‘open’ to selling Chelsea if Abramovich does not receive benefits

The UK must agree to a new license to sell Chelsea, as long as Russian billionaire Abramovich does not take advantage of the move. Abramovich has owned Chelsea FC since 2003, but put the club up for sale on 2 March in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Abramovich has always vehemently denied having any connection with Vladimir Putin.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We are now in talks with Chelsea and those talks will continue. The terms of any specific license that is granted to allow any sale to take place will be part of those discussions. The bottom line is that under no circumstances will any sale allow Roman Abramovich to profit from it or make any money from this sale. It is fair to say that the government is open to selling the club, but it currently requires another license and that will require further talks with the Treasury and other departments.”

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