Never share money with friends or family

The EuroMillions lottery is a The joint award of nine countries Europe, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Spain. It is played every Tuesday and Friday simultaneously in these regions, although it is held from Paris, it is broadcast live in all countries.

Its number template system simulates many other similar draws, in which case bets should be placed at least by choosing several numbers from the first column, as well as two stars, from 1 to 12. Likewise, all players, due to the fact that you bought a ticket, you can access Additional draw called “El Millón”which assigns an alphanumeric code to each ticket and allows you to win up to 1 million euros.

sThe probability of winning a EuroMillions race is one in 139.9 million.However, there are those who are lucky enough to get into the numbers. Hermann, a European national who did not wish to provide more information about his identity, confirmed in Dutch radio Who won a prize of 15 million euros in this raffle. Instead, cAdvice for everyone who gets a large amount of money He surprised the listeners, because he confirmed that although his life is now much simpler, he does not feel happier than before.

Bought a prefab house

At first, when he found out that the raffle was the winner, he was nervous: “I checked my ticket several times because I couldn’t believe it,” he explained during the radio show. It emphasizes that he has always been a hardworking person and that’s why Putting high value to make moneyso when he suddenly received such an amount he felt exhausted.

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When he got the money, he decided to follow the advice given by the National Lottery experts. also, hired two financial professionals to guide him In this new situation. “I bought things I couldn’t have before, like a house for myself, another ‘mobile home’ ready for trekking and another in the countryside in Spain. I also started doing rallycross, first with a bad car and then got better,” he says.

In your opinion, the best advice you can give to the other winners is Avoid sharing your money with family and friends. Hermann recalls his experience: “In the beginning everyone knows you and what you have. People start fantasizing and even ask you for money.” Later on, he lost acquaintances and today he has distanced himself from many who faced financial problems because they did not know how to manage financial gifts. EuroMillions winner says, “If you ask them when they will pay you back, the friendship ends. Never give money to your friends. No matter how bad it looks, I will never do it again.”

Although he claims it Your life is much easier today than beforeAnd that on some occasions the Euromillions fortune has made him happy, he believes that feeling doesn’t last.

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