Netflix is ​​testing a new feature for users to stop sharing passwords with those who don’t live

Once again, it looks like Netflix can work out the whole problem of sharing passwords with people who don’t live with an account creator. Gamma Wire I mentioned there is a new job It is being tested among some users, as Netflix highlights an advertisement asking who enters the app If you are already using your account.

If so, Then you will have to enter a code that was sent to the account holder.

The picture that is displayed to many users is as follows:

Legend says:Get started on your FREE Netflix today. If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue watchingBelow there are two options for sending the code, via text message to a cell phone or email, and a third option To check later.

The Hollywood Reporter Resumes Q Netflix Confirm the new feature in testing. The platform rep said the test is designed to ensure that the person using a Netflix account is authorized to do so. The amount of grace period granted to those who choose the account verification option has not been reported.

Of course, the barrier is fragile for people who knowingly share the service with others who don’t live in the same household, since sharing verification codes can be as simple as sharing a password in the first place, but what catches their attention Gamma Wire The argument that passwords are prohibited from sharing with those the owner does not live with is used in the tool that says Netflix will help reduce unauthorized access.

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Either way, the feature might be a deterrent to account sharing if the message keeps popping up frequently.

Netflix is ​​testing a new functionality to stop sharing your password with people you don't live

Sharing a password with someone the account owner does not live with is prohibited by the terms and conditions, but Netflix has historically taken a loose stance on penalizing those who do so.

On average, 4.5 people use the same account from a service flow In Mexico. CIU Appreciation What is there 11.1 million active accounts And a total of 50.3 million users of the platform in the country.

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