Muhammad’s movie ignites protests!

Cineworld has canceled all UK shows of The Lady Of Heaven due to her portrayal of Muhammad

renderer cinema world In the United kingdom Cancel all offers Our Lady of Heaven A film about Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, the Arab religious, social and political leader who founded the global religion of Islam.

“Due to recent incidents related to forecast Our Lady of HeavenWe have taken the decision to cancel upcoming screenings of the film across the country to ensure the safety of our staff and sponsors.”

cinema world

According to the information received from LimitAnd the Our Lady of Heaven It was shown in nine theaters cinema world In two of them, protests turned aggressive against employees. However, the campus decision was criticized by the Minister of Health, Sajid Javed to threaten freedom of expression. “I think theaters are collapsing under pressure and making these decisions to quiet the noise.” he added.

What is the problem with talking about Muhammad?

according to telegraph Islamic tradition prohibits direct depictions of religious figures. However, the film’s website notes that during filming “No one is a sacred figure”

As per Islamic tradition, there was no one to represent a sacred figure during the shooting of this movie. The performances of the Saints characters were achieved through a unique combination of actors, camera effects, lighting and visual effects. “

Executive Producer of the filmOwner Schlebektold the BBC that the protesters were behaving like them “Thugs and Bullies” to enter theaters and intimidate the staff.

This is not something that should be tolerated in the UK. This is more than one movie. Our Lady of HeavenTomorrow could be something very dear to you.”

Owner Schlebek

The protesters were acting like "Bullies and bullies"

What do movie lovers and movie lovers think?

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