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More details come from a new message related to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking in this case from Monster Hunter Rise and PC version.

In the picture we leave for you below, we can see the note you received Monster Hunter Rise on PC by the specialized press en Metacritic. The average score is A 88/100 Currently, based on the first 17 reviews of the game.

It’s definitely a really positive note, and if we compare it to the current version of Nintendo Switch, we will see that it is exactly the same: 88/100 too. In this case, it’s based on 122 reviews of the game that have been published since its release last year.

Both versions of the game seem to be similar and equally enjoyable, despite the PC version Confirmed a few days ago Some add-ons. What is your opinion? You have our full coverage of the Monster Hunter Rise title on this link.

Monster Hunter Rise Adventure

Go hunting whenever and wherever you want with Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch! Freely explore vast environments inspired by ancient Japan, defeat ferocious wild beasts, either alone or in cooperation with friends, and craft powerful weapons and armor with the loot you earn in this amazing RPG.

Seeing a terrible mythical beast denotes the return of a catastrophe that threatens to plunge the village of Kamura into chaos. With the help of the village elder and its residents, you must hone your hunting skills and save this peaceful village from the destruction of monsters.

From helicopters, which allow you to travel through the air and carry out devastating attacks while controlling monsters, to the support of new comrades like Canyne, the game It comes loaded with new ways to explore and hunt your prey.

A veritable army of huge monsters, including some new monsters like the terrifying Magnamalo and other characters known to fans of the series, like Tigrex and Mizutsune, will make things very difficult for the brave hunters who dare with them. Here’s a small sampling of the giants you’ll find there.


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