Mexico will leave the top 10 in the FIFA rankings after being crushed by Uruguay

(Photo: Twitter / Uruguay)

Latest results that Mexican national team From football in friendly matches, in which 0-3 . win Last Thursday suffered by Uruguaywill cause combo Aztec lose two places the next day FIFA rating.

According to the data shared by an analyst ESPN Alexis Martin Tamayo, better known as importedteam led Gerardo “Tata” Martino will come out of Top 10 of the global ranking.

In the last list released by FIFA, El Tri was in 9th placeBut the new ranking, which is considered after the results of Saturday’s matches, Mexico lost two places and will drop to Eleventh place.

The Holland Will replace Mexico, while Denmark It will be ten ranked. However, El Tri will stay one place ahead Germany.

(Photo: Instagram / usmnt)
(Photo: Instagram / usmnt)

Another selection made a leap in the FIFA rankings presented by Misterchip which is ArgentinaMexico competition the next day World Cup Qatar 2022Which will rise to third place and be removed FranceCurrent world champion.

The five-time world champion will remain in first place BrazilBelgium, one of the candidates for Qatar 2022, came in second place.

Moreover, the choice of United StateAfter their home victory over Morocco, they will rise from 15th to 14th and move ahead of Switzerland, Croatia, Colombia and Senegal, who are currently 20th, and are up by two places.

Mexico beat 2-1 Nigeria At the beginning of his friendly tour, he will face Ecuador This Sunday at 6:00 PM (local time), at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Ecuador will be the next competitor of Tri
Ecuador will be the next competitor of Tri

The first fifteen places are as follows:

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1. Brazil

2. Belgium

3. France

4. Argentina

5. England

6. Italy

7. Spain

8. Portugal

9. Holland

10. Denmark

11. Mexico

12. Germany

13. Uruguay

14. United States

15. Switzerland

Although Italy did not qualify for the World Cup, they are in the top ten by winning Euro 2020 (Photo: EFE)
Although Italy did not qualify for the World Cup, they are in the top ten by winning Euro 2020 (Photo: EFE)

Take FIFA formula into account Selected campaign for four years; This is why their ranking does not quickly reflect the changes that each team usually introduces from game to game, or from tournament to tournament.

The formula is obtained, says FIFA, “by adding the number of points earned in a match; the average number of points earned in games over the last 12 months; and the average number of points earned in games before the last 12 months (annual consumption)”.

To determine the value of points for each match, FIFA applies the following formula:

P = M x I x T x C

P is the sum of the points; M is points for each win; I match importance; T is the strength of the contenders and C is the strength of the confederacy.

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