La Nacion / Horacio Cartes denies the accusations from the US Embassy

The former President of the Republic, Horacio Cartes, issued a statement categorically rejecting the decision of the United States Embassy, ​​denying the accusations, which he described as “baseless and unfair.”

Following the announcement by the US Embassy, ​​in which they stated that from now on they would be barring the former president from entering the country, Cartes stated: “We are and will always be committed to providing all the support and first-source of information the authorities need to clarify the issues that are questioning us.”

The former head of state stated through the statement that he will continue to work and invest in the country, and provide job opportunities. “We will continue to work in the same direction, accompanying the consolidation of democracy, betting on investment in Paraguay, and providing opportunities and sources of employment for thousands of Paraguayans,” the memorandum concluded.

rejection notice.

The US ambassador to Paraguay, Mark Ostfeld, announced yesterday that Horacio Cartes has since been denied access to that country. This also includes the three children of the former president: Juan Pablo Cartes Montana, Sofia Cartes Montana and Maria Sol Cartes Montana.

The US diplomat said this would not be the last appointment in Paraguay. We will do so without regard to political affiliations, wealth or relationships between the people involved. “The United States will continue to stand by the Paraguayan people and their institutions,” he added.

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