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James Rodriguez hasn’t spoken for a long time, without giving his opinions, and he did speak again this Sunday. He did so on one of his Twitch broadcasts, where he talked about everything.

James used this space to interact with his followers to talk about the Colombian national teamas well as his current affairs and even his relationship with Falcao Garcia, after press reports indicated that they had recently played qualifiers.

With it approaching twelve at night in Qatar, James took some time to talk about his news. First, he indicated his level at Al Rayyan.

“Okay, I’m playing, in the league we don’t get results, but in the cup we do well. The idea is to win it, but well, at least I’m playing, I’ve already played,” James said.

Did he fight with Falcao?

Falcao and James are the top scorers for the Colombian national team.

in this subject Falcao and the alleged fight explained: “Fight with Falcao? No, how am I going to fight with someone who looks like my brother. We have a 12-year relationship; it’s all a lie, don’t believe everything the press says, some of it is toxic. It’s a lie. On the set we have a great relationship, with a good atmosphere, and unfortunately we didn’t achieve The results, but the atmosphere is good and I have a great relationship with Falcao and the others.” .

“The press is supposed to be here to tell the truth, but there is a press in our country that doesn’t work that way,” he added in his criticism.

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He also denied any fighting with Cuadrado or Morell. “With all the members of the national team, I have absolutely no problem. It was said at the time that I had been playing with Morel since I was 19. I eat with them in the dining room, David Ospina, Falcao, Camilo Vargas I sit and fight Morel … Since I don’t speak to the press in Colombia, they shoot me hard, but nothing happens, I get shot.”

Regarding the situation of the Colombian national team and its hypothetical exclusion from the World Cup in QatarJames stated that he hopes to qualify.

“It’s very difficult now, but we have to win the last two games, there is something with that, I see a good group, each one doing good things at the international level; there are things that cannot be explained, but we will fight to the end, as far as possible. When things are for you, they are for you. You don’t have to force them. You have to fight to the end and wait for some results,” he said. “It is difficult but with these players you can.”

Followers insisted on choosing the topic. He declined to talk about the location of Columbia. “What I say will be controversial. It is better not to talk about it.”

A follower asked him how he reacted in the Peruvian match, in Barranquilla, when he quarreled with the fans. “It was hot at a time when we weren’t expecting we would be there because of everything that happened, maybe I was doing the wrong thing, but in the end it was the way it was and what came out, it’s stuff off the football field. It’s not just if you hurt or hurt someone, I’m apologizing. Some people misbehaved when the match ended. We’re pissed and they’re pissed, but they don’t have to throw things. And the whistles… I think we played a good game. We gave it all. The whistles hurt me. If it’s a bad match, let them whistle me. But the match was good.”

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Your future, Europe or MLS?

James Rodriguez in Al Rayyan

James Rodriguez in Al Rayyan


Taken from @AlRayyanSC Twitter

James was asked if he could return to European football, which he said was a possibility. But he made it clear that he loves the MLS.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, I live day in and day out, I play, I compete, I score, I move on; in the group issue we didn’t understand each other much but in the end this is new, we hope to finish well. Physically, I’m healthy …they ask me if I’m going back to Europe…why not? I have the conditions for that, I’m picking up the pace. The good option is to be the United States, which I like very much, but there’s still a long way to go for that,” he commented.

He said that with the language he did not speak very badly because in Qatar they speak English, and explained that the German language cost him a lot: “Every day he understood less,” he emphasized.

He admitted that he loves the tactical idea and that he does not rule out being a coach in the future. “I would like to contribute things to Colombian football that we lack. We have talent, with serious projects we will be a force … the work of managers expected for years is missing.”

James said he would be more active in chatting with his fans through the same medium.


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