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SANTIAGO DE CHILE, MARCH 11 – Gabriel Borek assumed the presidency of Chile on Friday during a ceremony in the Hall of Honor of the National Congress, in Valparaíso, where heads of state or government and delegations from various countries participated.

At the age of 36, the former student leader and former deputy became the youngest president in Chilean history, after winning the December 19 elections as the standard-bearer of the left-wing coalition Abibo Digendad.

The President of the Senate, Alvaro Elizalde, was responsible for handing the presidential sash to Borek, who also received the insignia, including an O’Higgins pick that symbolizes the transition of power.

The inauguration was attended by heads of state or government, high-level delegations and guests from Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and Spain, among others.

Borek replaces Sebastian Pinera, who finished his term with just 24 percent approval, according to the Plaza Publica Cadim survey, the lowest level for any government since the return to democracy in 1990.

The new administration faces enormous challenges, including dealing with the economic slowdown, inflation, insecurity, conflict in the southern region of La Araucanía and the migration crisis in the north.

The Dignity I Approve Alliance program, which brought him to power, plans to strengthen the state, increase wages and pensions, improve education and health, revitalize the economy, and ensure GDP growth and a fair distribution of wealth. We go hand in hand. An ambitious project, as Burek himself admitted, could not be completed quickly, but step by step.

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The government also faces among the challenges it faces in carrying out the process towards drawing up a new constitution to replace the one in force since the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), reports PL. After the inauguration ceremony, the new president traveled to Santiago to deliver his first address to the nation from Palacio de la Moneda.

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