Five Top Ideas for a Luxury Stag Do

The stag do is a cultural tradition for the ages – once the evening before a wedding, the groom-to-be’s last night as a single man celebrated with his groomsmen and best man, nowadays the stag do can take form as anything from a quiet evening between friends to a full-blown week-long holiday extravaganza. And why not? The stag is a celebration, and perhaps the last opportunity to tick off some serious bucket-list ideas. Any groom-to-be deserves the best ahead of their wedding, so why not make the most and make their stag a luxurious holiday for the ages? Here are just five ideas for blowing the budget on a stag party.

A Personal Cruise

One of the most common signifiers for opulence is the ownership of one’s own yacht. Business leaders and royalty alike have made sure to cruise in style for decades, and the practice doesn’t appear to be going out of fashion any time soon: Jeff Bezos has been spent millions on the construction of his very own superyacht! So why not push the boat out, so to speak, and take to the seas for the lucky man’s stag? Pull together your finest group of friends and book in a luxury yacht hire, with which your stag can travel the coast or simply party away in deeper waters.

Teeing Off in Style

The stag do is often characterised as the ‘last hurrah’ for the groom-to-be – but for perhaps the wrong reasons. Rather than a night of debauchery, a stag can be much more: an opportunity to connect with the dearest of friends deeply before one of the most exciting events of a man’s lifetime, and a chance to breathe before life starts to run away with him. What better way to take it easy than on the golf course, with a luxury golfing holiday? Residential golfing trips enable the stag party to enjoy the gentleman’s game fully, taking in countryside views and staying in bespoke chalets for the ultimate relaxing experience before the hectic nature of the wedding, and all that comes after.

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A Long Weekend Abroad

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money on your groom’s pre-wedding celebrations, take it up a notch and whisk him away to another country for a long weekend. Coastal resort cities in France and Italy – think Cannes, or the Amalfi Coast – offer the perfect opportunity to smarten up, glut yourself on high-quality food and sun yourselves silly; while city breaks in Western Europe such as Prague and Berlin are a great chance to show your groom-to-be the time of his single life, with nightlife destinations that precede themselves and booming cultural sectors.

A Taste of the High Life

For the stag party with more refined tastes, your pooled stag fund can go a lot further in one specific way. Clear an evening of two from your calendars, and book tables for a fine-dining tour of London. The possibilities are endless, with fantastic Michelin-grade restaurants across the city serving up luxury foods your groom-to-be may never get the chance to taste otherwise. If you really want to splash the cash, take them to the world-famous Nusr-Et for gold-flaked steaks and salt bae’s signature toss. For the quintessential taste of French haute cuisine, book a table at Michel Roux’s Le Gavroche, and make your stag a decadent one.

A High Roller’s Stag

Luxury and money tend to go hand in hand – which is why Las Vegas has the reputation it does. Whisk your groom-to-be away to Nevada for a week of high-rolling, starting with luxury suites in the Bellagio or the Cosmopolitan. Dress up to the nines and spend a suave weekend playing table games, sipping cocktails and taking in the beautiful lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

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