Fierce battle ends in US MLB with 12 . suspension

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 | 11:20

A massive pitched battle in a duel between the MLB Angels and Mariners affected the United States and ended with 12 players suspended.

fencing between Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Marinersvalid for MLB From the United States, because of a huge pitched battle that ended with 12 punishments.

It all started when he was a bowler Andrew Wantz Hit the mixture with the pitch Jesse Winker. The visiting player considered the blow to be deliberate and reprimanded his opponent with harsh words.

Although the referees tried to stop him, the Mariners player went to the Los Angeles bench and started a fight between the two teams.

The fierce battle lasted a few minutes and stopped when all the participants jumped onto the field. The league’s penalties were not long in coming..

according to 20 minutes12 between players and coaching staff were sanctioned. They were all suspended from salary and profession.

It was the harshest punishment for Phil NevinAngels manager, who missed 10 matches.

Jesse Winker That he was suspended for seven games because of inciting him to fight, while the bowler who threw him on the field blew everything up, Andrew Wantzthree matches.

Another typical punishment is the one given to Anthony Rendonwho was wounded and presented as inactive, which did not prevent him from striking and pushing: he was suspended for five duels.

This was a fierce battle between angels and sailors:

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