Donald Trump’s impeachment trial may fail

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The trial or impeachment of Donald Trump may fail, an expectation that follows large majority of Republican senators against the trial of the former president accused of inciting disobedience.

In a vote on an action proposal, only five Republicans in the Senate deemed the accus unconstitutional and thus sided with the Democrats, who voted unanimously in favor of continuing the case against Trump.

But the promoter of the proposal on the constitutionality of the process, Republican Senator Rand Paul, declared that his initiative was defeated as a victory, noting that only four of his followers in religion voted against his proposal, and confirmed that Trump’s impeachment had ended. Way out.

Paul was referring to the fact that to convict Trump of impeachment, it would take 67 votes out of 100 members of the Senate, whose seats are currently split between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.

That is, at least 17 Republican senators must join 50 Democrats and independents to condemn Trump, but only some of the man’s members in the Senate, including its leader Mitch McConnell, have not made their position clear, even though the latter voted in favor of the motion. Paul against impeachment.

Donald Trump's impeachment trial may fail

However, some Republican senators were not as boycotting as Rand Paul and his assessment that impeachment was dead on the way out, because the majority of his colleagues voted for impeachment against Trump being unconstitutional.

Senators who supported Paul’s proposal said their Tuesday vote does not indicate what could happen to Trump’s guilt or innocence when the trial begins on February 9.

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Republican Senator Rob Portman told the press, “For me, it’s totally different,” while his party partner, John Thon, argued that the vote on constitutionalism is non-binding, that no one is obligated, and that the true position of each legislator in the process will be seen.

The Republicans most closely affiliated with Trump argue that the process is unconstitutional, because Trump left office on Wednesday and Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy will preside over the trial, in place of Chief Justice John Roberts.

However, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer dismissed the Republican petition as totally defective and free constitutional passage for presidents guilty of wrongdoing to avoid imprisonment.

In Trump’s case, he is accused of rebelling and attacking democracy, because he encouraged his followers to take the Capitol building on January 6, when Congress approved Joe Biden’s victory.

If found guilty, Trump could be barred from holding public office again, which could end his aspirations to remain in politics.

Meanwhile, the pole’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, suggested that Trump could have issued a secret or pocket pardon during his tenure, forgiving himself, his children, and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and saving himself from a criminal conviction if necessary.

Donald Trump's impeachment trial may fail

Cohen believes this is the answer to the question of why Trump has not forgiven himself, as well as his family, when he issued a series of pardons in his last days in office and the one thing he feared the most is serving a prison sentence.

Trump’s former attorney said he found nothing in the constitution to state an amnesty.

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Trump’s failure to pardon himself and his sons came as a surprise to many pundits and politicians, given this. The Mughal family faces more legal problems than any other presidential family in American history.

However, there is no conclusive answer to the question of whether an American president can forgive himself, because the Constitution does not mention this possibility and none of the previous presidents have used this power for themselves in the past.

However, the scholars said it would be unconstitutional, as it contradicts the basic principle that no one can ever judge their crimes.

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