Cuban Prime Minister congratulates the tour guides on their day

Havana on February 21 (ACN) Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel MarreroToday, she congratulated the country’s tour guides on Twitter, on a day when World Tour Guide Day was celebrated.

In that social network, Marrero said, “Congratulations very much to those who have done this work, which is of great importance in the development of the tourism product in our country.”

“Today we celebrate World Tourism Guide Day. Congratulations to those who are doing this very important work to develop the tourism product in our country,” he said.

February 21 marks World Guide Tourism Day, a vital profession in the tourism sector that enhances the cultural, historical and heritage potential of sites of interest in various countries of the world.

These professionals provide guidance and information to tourists and visitors about culture, history, gastronomy and tourist sites in any corner of the planet, and by their work they contribute to the promotion of tourism, being an important economic activity of cities.

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