CONAPRED called on Mexican fans not to shout controversial discrimination in the stadiums

As fans return to the stadiums, fear of hearing the controversial discriminatory cry during matches has returned (Photo: Crisanta Espinosa Aguilar / Cuartoscuro)

With th The return of the masses to the Mexican football stadiumsFear emerged among the Mexican authorities: the Controversial Discriminatory cry What people do when the opponent’s goalkeeper clears the ball.

Faced with this possibility, the Ministry of Interior (Segob), through the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conabrad), Urging fans of this sport to Put an end to expressions that make these types of expressions normal Which reinforces the exclusion of many groups of people in this region and others.

According to the official bulletin, between 2015 and 2020, Conabrad document Eight files of complaints in the field of sports. This figure indicates that discrimination has been absorbed by people who believe that certain exclusionary practices are acceptable or common, which precludes reporting by affected people.

CONAPRED seeks to eliminate these discriminatory expressions (Photo Henry Romero / Reuters)
CONAPRED seeks to eliminate these discriminatory expressions (Photo Henry Romero / Reuters)

In this sense, the FED has reiterated its commitment to maintaining and strengthening the procedures for its agreement with Mexican Football Association (FMF), signed in October 2019, as well as with Liga BBVA MX.

Organizations continue to collaborate to share good practices and enhance training and awareness against discrimination and gender stereotypes. Thus, they seek to promote the universal principles of sport by enhancing the contributions of these activities to peace and social cohesion, “as stated in the official document.

Subsequently, CONAPRED indicated that despite the fact that the meeting would be convened by the teams USA s Blue cross Next Saturday will be behind closed doors, due to the epidemiological traffic light Mexico CityIn addition, it can set the tone for the fans to join in the recognition and appreciation of diversity Eliminate sexism, homophobia and racism.

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Finally, Mexico City’s telephone numbers 5262-1490 and 800 543 0033 have been made available to the public, along with email [email protected] and the website, Which aims to address any complaint related to alleged discriminatory practices.

FIFA opened
FIFA opened another “disciplinary action” against Mexico due to the discriminatory outcry heard in the match between Tricolor Sub 23 and the United States (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters)

It must be remembered that a few days ago, it was FIFA Open againDisciplinary actionAgainst Mexico for the A discriminatory cry was heard in the match between Tricolor Sub 23 and the United States, Which was implemented during CONCACAF Pre-Olympic ChampionshipThen, at the end of March, he reported that he was investigating the same truth, but in the match against Dominican Republic.

“The FIFA You confirm that you have opened disciplinary action against Mexican Football Association As a result of the discriminatory incidents that occurred during the match corresponding to the men’s Olympic qualification match between Mexico and the United States, which was played on March 25, 2021, “according to the highest soccer authority ESPN Digital.

The highest footballer in the world modified cDiscipline law in 2019 There they reinforced anti-racism measures to ensure the comfort of all team participants.

The origin goes back over 30 years during the NFL Kids' Football (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters)
The origin goes back over 30 years during the NFL Kids’ Football (Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters)

The origin goes back more than 30 years during the American Football League matches in Monterey American Football League (AFAIM). A team called Potros had its fans in the stands, who were famous for inventing their own chants. One of these cries of support was issuing every “Starting“While clapping and screaming”eeh … Pum“The kicking player also touches the ball.

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However, he was transferred to football in 2001, when Rayados del Monterrey He began “intimidating” the opposing goalkeepers with the same expression. Little by little the transformation happened because of a famous goalkeeper: Oswaldo Sanchez.

Sanchez first appeared in Guadalajara Atlas In 1993. Three years later, in 1996, he arrived America ClubWhere he participated in three tournaments. In 1999 he became the goalkeeper of the arch rival of his former team: Chivas de Guadalajara. That was in 2003 when I was in classic Guadalajara, Chivas Atlas, Fox fans shouted “eehh … pu” for his betrayal, or double betrayal, that he committed.

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