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match Colombia Against Honduras lasted 42 minutes. 42 minutes was Juan Fernando Quintero On the pitch 42 minutes to enjoy his arsenal of tricks, those that motivate the main team, which will play on the ground, the confrontation against Peru and Argentina. He spent the rest of the match, which they won 2-1, grieving that Quintero was no longer around, fearing he left with some physical discomfort. The worst thing that could happen to Colombia in this friendly match for local players, against a harmless opponent, is that the international player, crack, who returns from China to River, is going to get hurt.

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In that 42nd minute Quintero did and disintegrated. He played freely those who know the most. He played as if his opponents did not know him, because there was no one to get in his way. He played efficiently for someone who does not like to shine alone, because he is attached to everyone. His symphony of long and short passes was a collective: Quintero with Chara. Quintero with Preciado. Quintero with Borja. Quintero with Quintero. is that he was able to start and finish the first goal. At first he looked for Borja to solve, but the ball, as always, returned to his feet, as if magnetised, and when it returned to the loot, he only had to touch it, and make it look very simple, like going through a net, without which no one would notice in Honduras. 10 minutes and 1-0.

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Fear for Quintero

Friendly matches have this. That you can enjoy the characters playing without pressure, give them play so that they gain confidence. But you risk exposing them. When Quintero threw himself on the ground and showed that something was hurting him, he had already put his hands on his head. Colombia worked with him on the field, and the others were on the alert, not rivals who didn’t know, but his teammates, who knew he was going to throw them a different pass. He left in the 42nd minute and the last thing he did was play the cortico, run a little, so nothing would go wrong. He was replaced by the young Yasser Asprilla, who played as if he had fought thousands of battles.

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Meanwhile, I watched Honduras. If any ordinary Honduran dared to throw an obstacle, veteran midfielders Geraldo and Vega, quickly halted any attempt, were so comfortable that they were both central midfielders on a rival court. The opponent, led by Hernan Dario Gomez, was very light. That’s why the game turned into a training session with the audience. Training with the public and in the United States and with interest in Quintero …

Another Colombia, without Quintero

Preciado dominates the ball.

In the second half there was inaccuracy and confusion. It was as if the team, this team, set up this game around Quintero and didn’t know what to do without him. helpless team. Only Yasser, bold and irreverent, lit the spark that was extinguished without Quintero.

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But no, the match only lasted 42 minutes. In fact, it was absent for Candelo to snatch an opponent in the area and commit a penalty. That the Honduran Arriaga was launched and Chunga did not guess. That the match against a non-offensive opponent was placed 1-1…

And he missed it thanks to Colombia’s reaction. Asprilla had to lead the team, as if he was the most experienced, and managed the play in which Chara threw the center back, as Colorado decided 2-1, in the 22 minutes of the final part. And now yes, that was it, because other than the kidnappings carried out by Asprilla and the attempts by Preciado, nothing more significant happened. Colombia won a training session but lost their cool because of Quintero.

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