Chocolate is melting in the UK due to a heat wave in stores

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The high temperatures That Europe has scored in recent days caused Chocolates in some convenience stores Melts inside their packaging, as indicated by the user on social networks.

Alice Nadia, a UK resident, shared a recording on TikTok in which bars of chocolate were observed, arranged on shelves, with liquid consistency.

Products can remain stationary and vertical under normal conditions, but the heat wave and sensation inside some facilities cause Chocolates will be displayed on the edge of their chests.

In the post, the woman indicated that the products were captured in a series B&M Storesto which one user replied that it was “cooler outside than inside the store”.

Another joked that “B&M’s policy is to stifle its workers and customers, just as it happens in other branches of the same company.”

hTwo days ago, UK broke Record your temperaturewhere it reached 40 degrees for the first time, amid a heat wave that swept across large swathes of Europe.

The UK Met Office on Tuesday recorded a provisional reading of 40.2 Celsius (104.4 Fahrenheit) at Heathrow Airport, smashing the record set just an hour earlier of 39.1 Celsius at Charlwood.

Before Tuesday, the UK’s previous record was 38.7°C in 2019. Unusually hot and dry weather It has swept the continent since last week, sparking fires from Portugal to the Balkans and killing hundreds of people due to rising temperatures.

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