Chelsea coach’s stone phrase after losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals

For Thomas Tuchel, the streak is over against Real Madrid (Reuters/Tony O’Brien)

Chelsea is the current league champion Champions League Based on clubs World CupBut this Wednesday he received a heavy blow as he tried to defend the European title. 1-3 loss at home to Real Madrid The matter was further complicated in the face of the rematch and the London coach left a surprising statement at the press conference.

When the key consulted him, the German DT ruled that “No, she is not alive. Since the international break we haven’t found our rhythm. We have to get it back. We can’t think of the Bernabeu, we have to think on Saturday, because With this level we can’t believe she’s alive. I worry more about Southampton than Real Madrid, because we didn’t have it before How many teams in the world have managed to overcome this? Get three goals? Unreal“.

Regarding the adjustments, he noted, “I changed the formation because we had to raise the level and that way I thought we could hurt him, but we made a huge mistake after three minutes. I have no explanation, because before the break we were on a good run and played at a high level. No We change anything, but we conceded seven goals in two games. It’s worrying. The individual decisions were very far from our level after 1-2″.

Although what worries him most is the upcoming match streak: “I am amazed at how many matches we played in 2022. We are the ones who played the most with Liverpool and we are the only ones who didn’t play five changes. The calendar is not our friend in this part of the season.”

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Far from the German coach’s expressions, it must be remembered that the English club is going through a delicate economic situation due to the impending sale, due to the departure of its former owner, the Russian oligarch. Roman AbramovichAnd the Who bought a Turkish club, according to the media from that country. His resignation came due to the sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom for his links with him Russian President Vladimir Putinwho ordered the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The British entity still has no owners and this Tuesday it was reported The team players had to pay for the transfer fee.

Away from this extra sporting scene, Real Madrid provided another example of the current Champions League hierarchy by defeating the defending champions at home. one more time Karim Benzema She was an amazing figure with triplets. discount from Kai Havertz It was not enough for the Tuchel-led team that the Spaniards took advantage of a defining advantage to be able to qualify for the semi-finals.

The second stop will be next Tuesday in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium And the panorama indicates that the Merengue team is a strong candidate to advance and retain another title, which will be No. 14 in the main club competition in the old world.

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