Chelsea coach’s speech in the midst of sanctions against Roman Abramovich

Chelsea beat Norwich City 3-1

Thomas Tuchel had promised to Chelsea The penalties imposed on the owner of the club will not eliminate him. Roman AbramovichWhich left the European champions in a state of turmoil right before their duel Norwich City This Thursday. While some sponsors have opted to walk away from the establishment and are waiting to see if economic sanctions will frustrate the England team, the team continues to live up to its commitments.

Abramovich was one of seven rulers targeted by new British restrictions due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The billionaire’s assets in the UK have been frozen, with strict restrictions imposed on Chelsea, which is currently not allowed to sign new players, renew contracts or sell match tickets, for example. Even the blue club store has been closed, while the shirt’s main sponsor, the mobile phone company, is closed threeIt responded to the sanctions by saying it would temporarily suspend the deal.

In this context, coach Thomas Tuchel He spoke at a press conference after the 3-1 victory over Norwich for an advanced duel from Premier League: So now we can trust each other and that won’t change. As long as we have enough jerseys and a bus to go to matches, we’ll be there and competing aggressively.“, He said.

“Everyone can be completely confident that we are focused on ourselves, on maintaining the right attitude and the right mentality on the training ground and within the team,” the German noted.

Thomas Tuchel confirmed that he is not considering leaving Chelsea (Reuters)

Abramovich had already announced that he was ready to sell Chelsea, with a large number of potential buyers expressing their interest in a club that has won 19 major trophies since the Russians bought them in 2003. Tuchel has no idea what direction the club will take once the Russian is gone, but no, you’ll worry about problems you can’t control. “Let’s see if it stays that way. If I stay, I don’t know. We take it day in and day out. I didn’t expect it yesterday and don’t know what will happen tomorrow“.

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“The level of its impact, the news today is great, and over time we don’t know how big it is. We cannot influence. This is a good or bad thing. it’s the truth‘, the technician was sentenced.

There was speculation that Tuchel could leave Chelsea Due to her suddenly turbulent situation. But the German who won the Champions League and the Globalism of the clubs Since it was set before Abramovich In January 2021, he remained consistent at the London club: “I am still happy to be here and I am still happy to be the manager of a strong team.”

Roman Abramovich is one of the businessmen closest to Vladimir Putin (Action Images)
Roman Abramovich is one of the businessmen closest to Vladimir Putin (Action Images)

Chelsea It ranks third in the Premier League After overcoming the humble Norwich To put nine points above Manchester United, who is ranked fifth, in the race to finish the top four. They are also still in dispute in the round of 16 Champions League And the quarter-finals of FA cup.

twitch He’ll use these goals to keep his players focused in the midst of the chaos, but admitted he’s worried they might get distracted: “It would be a lie if I said that I have no doubt, but I also have great confidence.”He added, “In difficult conditions, we got a lot of results and a good performance, so we can trust our mentality and the culture of the club. We allow ourselves to focus on football.”

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