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Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Les TrussThe two candidates, including members, are Conservative Party They will have to elect their new and next leader in the coming weeks Prime Minister to happen Boris Johnson.

Following Johnson’s dramatic July 7 resignation as formation leader, the lengthy internal process to replace him began last week.

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At first, Conservative MPs voted among several candidates in a row elimination rounds Until Wednesday with only two: Sunak with 137 out of 357 votes and Gears with 113 votes. Former Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt It was left with 105 supports.

Now, the roughly 200,000 Conservative Party members will have to choose between Sunak and Truss through a vote Postcard made during the month of August and the winner will be announced at September 5.

And so the UK is on its way to having its first head of government in Asian origin -Sunak’s ancestors were Indian immigrants – or the third first Minister in the country’s history.

The finalists have to do it now Campaign In front of the electorate and despite the strong support he enjoys among the deputies, Al-Sinak is by no means guaranteed to win. Indeed, recent polls among party members have predicted that he could lose by a large margin.

MPs voted after Johnson appeared for the last time in board of the Public To answer the weekly questions to the Prime Minister before the recess of the House of Representatives who will have a new Prime Minister when he returns from vacation.

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“Hasta la vista, baby!” The president said goodbye in Spanish, using the famous phrase from the movie “Terminator,” under clap Of his supporters and the mockery of the opposition who blamed him for the failures, deception, division and scandals during his three years of rule.

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