Another 82-year-old Cuban arrives in the US with her daughter via Nicaragua

Another 82-year-old Cuban arrived in the United States after he “crossed volcanoes,” a route that begins in Nicaragua It ends after crossing the Rio Grande in The The border between Mexico and TexasAccording to a media report in Florida.

Cuban Heides Sancho said on Tuesday to First Coast NewsAnd the A television station in the city of Jacksonville, where he lives, that his 82-year-old mother and grandmother fled from Cuba to Nicaragua, and crossed the borders of three other countries until arriving in the United States last June.

“My grandmother literally put her life on the line. At 82, he left his country to come across four countries and cross a river, just to be free, and just to have some rights. It’s incredible,” Sancho told the aforementioned Florida Channel.

He also said that they sold everything to make the trip and used the money to escape.

She also stated that her family was harassed by the authorities on the island after she went out to protest in Jacksonville for freedom in Cuba.

He commented, “This was a big problem for my family in Cuba, because they started knocking on their doors and saying, ‘Hey, what’s your daughter doing?’ “

That day” Sancho is talking about is when Cubans took to the streets to protest last July. Sancho was with them at a demonstration in Jacksonville. Now, she says something she told First Coast News last year was true.

Sancho’s grandmother would be the third known case of 80-year-old Cubans who migrated along the Nicaragua route to cross the high-risk Rio Grande through Piedras Negras, in the state of Coahuila, a town near Eagle Pass, Texas.

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In May this year, An 82-year-old Cuban grandmother managed to cross the Rio Grande Accompanied by his grandson, he explained that there are no limits to immigration when living in a desperate situation.

Report the press crossing from Telemondo 51 Yosnabe Perez, who was able to capture the moment when the old woman arrived on American soil across the southern border of Texas, as the reporter traveled to document the growing influx of Cuban asylum seekers,

As it turned out last June Cuban Esper Rodriguez, a Holguin-born 83, arrived in the United States after crossing the border with Mexico, after a trip through six countries.

The old man left Cuba on May 29 with his son Eduardo. Both made a long and difficult journey that included the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico itself.

As it happened at the beginning of this month The case of Cuban Gemma Haro, 67 years oldwho managed to reach the United States after a difficult journey of nearly three months that began in Nicaragua and took her through several Central American countries, to northern Mexico.

Although the Cuban immigration crisis is evident in the departure of the majority of young people, As the elderly decided to take a risk On the dangerous path from Nicaragua to the US border with Mexico, they ventured into the dangerous river that has claimed at least 60 lives so far this year.

Among those people over the age of 60, there is a case 70-year-old Cuban Enrique Torreblancawho is reunited with his son and meets his grandson after a long flight from Nicaragua.

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“I crossed the Rio Grande on a raft, they passed us on a part there, the Migra came and I had to jump. The water was up to my chest,” said the man.

Likewise, the arrival of Julio Martinez, A disabled Cuban crosses the Rio Grande with only one leg to join his family.

For an American administration, this is the biggest Avalanche for Cuban refugees unevenly throughout history.

The numbers of Cuban refugees have grown exponentially since the beginning of Biden’s term and the announcement of a more flexible immigration policy than that imposed by the Donald Trump administration.

Older people are the demographic that suffers the worst conditions on the island. Added to the tragedy of people languishing in poverty because of a ridiculous pension amid an uncontrollable rise in prices is the loneliness in which an entire generation of grandparents whose children have left the country in many cases has drowned.

Many of them live in poverty and depression which is why they are currently driving Suicides on the riseAccording to the latest data issued by the National Bureau of Statistics and Information on the subject.

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