Activities through which the world’s cities are reactivated after the lockdown

Alison Gutierrez Nunez – [email protected]

Worldwide, more than 400 million people have been fully vaccinated, and in print this edition, nearly 800 million have been vaccinated with at least the first dose. Although it is less than 5% of the world’s population, the majority is undoubtedly concentrated in certain countries, which has allowed them to return to Activities Preschool, like going out to a restaurant, meeting friends at a bar, or going to a group event.

An intriguing case, for example, is the case of the huge concert in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus outbreak, where more than 11,000 people attended without masks, it is a sign on the party side, some activities starting to be programmed in 2020 were impossible.

“The world is really reinvigorated. Gonzalo Villalon Brendez, CEO of Villalon Entertainment,” said: “The big rounds for the second semester in Europe and the US have already been announced because vaccination is proceeding faster.”

These signs that the world is thriving is mainly on social networks where many people, many of them celebrities, show millions of users in activities that were seen in the middle of 2020 as elusive.

For example, in the pictures, you can see how people in Rome can play sports inside gyms with group classes. Or also how cruise ships leave their ports with hundreds of people on board.

All of this is in line with advances in vaccination plans led by each country. Israel, one of the luckiest countries, where more than half of its population was immunized, had the luxury of having gastronomic plans, sports, and even stadium activities.

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Concerts with a capacity close to 100% of the total stage

The Strawberry Festival was celebrated once again in Wuhan, China, just as it would in normal times: thousands of people crowded together. Some wore masks, but most did not. All of them had a negative PCR test.

Few countries have managed to return to pre-pandemic plans

Israel is one of the leading countries in vaccination. For this reason, it already had the luxury of removing all restrictions that were governing the virus. In fact, they have taken the vaccination to discos, so it was successful.

Collective toast in bars has become a reality again

Several photos of people in bars, even without masks, have already been circulating around the world. The most recent case was at The Kitchen Bar, an entertainment venue in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In the UK, 50% of the population has already been vaccinated.

Museums of the World have reopened with physical galleries

The Louvre de Paris, one of the most important museums in the world, has reopened after months of closure. People really make long queues to see exhibitions such as Body and Soul.

After an acute crisis, zoos can receive tourists

The National Zoo in Washington, USA, has reopened its doors. In the photo you can see how visitors take a picture of a panda bear during the morning of the reopening, which has attracted a large influx of tourists.

The outer gardens are once again the epicenter of meetings

In many parks in the United States, unmasked socialization is becoming a reality. You can see how people in Central Park, New York enjoy spending an afternoon outdoors without major biosafety protocols.

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The clogged cruise ships are returning to roads that have been temporarily stopped

The passengers of the cruise ship Costa Luminosa in the Corfu Islands of Greece are a sign that tourism is already reinvigorated in all its sectors. However, biosecurity measures are still prevalent such as the use of masks.

In Rome, you can actually go to the gym without masks

While training at home reigned for a long time, everything indicated that the gym was still in effect. People can actually do exercise indoors with traditional group classes.

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