A UK study suggests that masks make men look more attractive

With the arrival of the pandemic COVID-19, Utilization masks It is essential to take care of general health, but for those who still resist their use may do so when they discover that they can be seen more attractive.

According to a team of researchers from Cardiff UniversityWales, United Kingdom, Discover To wear face masks, in particular blue medical maskIt increases the attractiveness of the face.

But that wasn’t always the case, as Dr. Michael Lewis, of the university’s School of Psychology, noted that before the pandemic, research found that medical masks reduced attractiveness because they were linked to diseases the diseases.

Pandemic effects

However, the team wanted to apply the research again. “We wanted to test whether this had changed since face coverings became so ubiquitous and to understand if the type of mask had any effect.”Lewis said.

The study found how different types of face masks changed the look of Attractive 40 male faces. “This may be because we used to wear blue masks by health care workers and now associate them with people in the medical or care professions.” Thus, we feel safer and more confident.

The university is planning the same research to see if it has the same effect Female faces.

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