A first-year law student sues the owner of his residence.

They’ll return the month you already paid for most of the court fees, which adds up to $859, which is about 724,000 Chilean pesos.

Jack Sim (19), a new law student at the University of East Anglia (UEA), File a claim against the owner for breach of contract He won first place.

The apartment he rented was “like a construction site,” as he himself commented to The Tab, a Cambridge outlet dedicated to young people.

When Simm moved into the student residence Velocity in Norwich, in September 2020, he was unable to visit the place and was guided by the photos the owner had sent him.

But when he arrived, he found that “There were containers everywhere, workers everywhere, hammering the ceiling and knocking on the walls. The place was covered with sandpaper dustPart of that catastrophe can be seen in the following picture:

jack sim

“It was nearly funny and funny For people to move to this place because it looked awful. In fact, I was in bad shapeIt is to explain.

finally, Jack got out and stopped paying the rent. For this he was threatened with recovery measures by the debt collector.

“While this was happening, I I was just studying contract law‘ said Jack. So literally I checked my textbook on this topic and read all the pages to find what was right and build my case. “It was actually very simple,” said the young man.

The online hearing was held in Newcastle County Court on 2 November.. Justice ruled to reinstate Sim in the month he had already paid most of the court fees, Which adds up to $859, which is about 724,000 Chilean pesos.

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Also, in this case, The defendant decided to file a counterclaim In the same judicial process, but this was rejected.

The young student believed it was a “great victory” and that it served him well because “It really instilled in me that young people need to fend for themselves“.

“You can’t let these owners win,” he added. “You have to take them to court if this happens to make a difference. The culture must change“, claimed.

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