51 graduates of the UNAP Faculty of Educational Sciences and Humanities graduated – Diario de Noticias y Actualidad de Loreto – Iquitos – Ucayali – Requena – Datem del Marañon – Mariscal Ramon Castilla – Alto Amazonas – Loreto – Maynas

At a ceremony in the main hall, on the night of Wednesday 20 July 2022, 51 graduates of the Faculty of Educational and Human Sciences, the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP), the Vocational Schools of Primary Education (33 graduates), the social sciences (10 graduates) and the natural sciences (4 graduates), Mathematics and Computer Science (4 graduates).
The graduation ceremony was presided over by the Dean of the Faculty of Educational and Human Sciences at UNAP, Dr. Elisa Gonzalez Mira. She was accompanied at the honor table by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Dr. Andres Nunez Roman, the Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Ruth Filches Ramirez, and the Dean of the College of Biological Sciences, Dr. Felicia Diaz-Jarama, Dean of the Faculty of Food Industries, Dr. Alingor Alva Arevalo, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Dentist Manuel Justo Meza Jaray, Dean of the Faculty of Systems Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Angel Enrique Lopez Rojas and the representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry Sciences, Dr. Pedro Angel Angelo Ruiz.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the sacred notes of the national anthem were sung; The Academic Secretary, Dr. Attilio Menez Tello, was responsible for reading the CES Historical Review. The application letter was delivered by the Dean of FCEH-UNAP, Dr. Elisa Gonzalez Mira, who congratulated the recent UNAP graduates, who had received professional training for quality and excellence.
Then go to the central verb to rank the scores. Dr. Elisa Gonzalez Mira initially graduated the alumni who ranked first and second on the merit list of their schools and then proceeded to graduate the other members in promotions, adding a total of 51 alumni.
On behalf of all the promotions, the new bachelor, Joary Chris Saens Fasabi, spoke and relived tales of college life with his classmates, thanking those who made this great goal possible, especially the parents of the family who always supported them. This path is difficult, but not impossible. Finally, closing remarks were made by Dr. Attilio Abo Mainez Tello, Academic Secretary of FCEH-UNAP, and a toast was given to the honor by the Director of the Professional School of Philosophy-Psychology, Dr. Ameriko Russell Bizango Bima.

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