4-day trial work begins in the UK

The researchers will be responsible for measuring the impact on the productivity and well-being of employees.

On June 6, many companies in United kingdom They began implementing a four-day working week, and best of all, the workers would receive the same salary.

According to British media, companies from different sectors, including banks and hotels, have started a six-month pilot program, in order to see if it is possible to adapt to the four-day working week without reducing productivity.

More than 3,300 workers from 70 companies participate in the pilot, and will receive 100 percent of their salary as long as they are committed to maintaining 100 percent of their productivity.

The pilot program is being implemented by 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit company that seeks to reduce working days, all in collaboration with the Autonomy Research Center and researchers from the universities of Cambridge, Oxford and Boston College.

It must be remembered that in various countries around the world the demand for reducing the working week has gained strength in recent years, due to the fact that the pandemic has changed the business model.

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